Why you should choose the "Premium Service"

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Your bike, let’s face it, is your pride and joy. Obviously, you want it to look clean and shiny but, more importantly, you want it to work smoothly, don’t you? That’s why you take it to the bike shop or call on the mobile mechanic to sort it out. I’m not going to knock them; I work in a bike shop part time and was a mobile mechanic for almost seven years. However, the priorities of those mechanics are, by and large, to get your job completed so that they can move on to the next. Neither really offer a full – deep clean and they certainly don’t seek out the nitty gritty problems that can plague a bike. Let me offer an example, a full service at a local bike store will include a strip down and rebuild, with most area’s being relubed. They will not take the jockey wheels off and regrease the bearings/bushings, nor will they open the pivot covers on your full suss to check the bearings for play and, where possible, regrease them. Your mechanic/shop will most certainly not detail clean your WHOLE bike and return it to you with a full polish, highly lubed chain and friction-reduced cables.

By choosing my premium service you can rest assured that every single part will receive a deep clean and a relube. I will fill out a highly detailed report on the state of each critical component and any recommendations going forward.

Any work that needs doing outside the normal “premium” service, such as bearing replacement will be done at no extra cost (apart from the cost of the replacement parts themselves). Somethings will cost a little extra, such as fork, shock or seatpost servicing, but I will do those at 50% of normal price – a fork lower service will be just £15 and a 50-hour reverb service just £17.50 plus the price of the service kit when added to the Premium Service.


If that isn’t value for money, what is?

Most importantly, for your bike at least, I will only do a maximum of five Premium Services a week, which means I will only have a single bike at any one time and that single bike will receive ALL of my attention.

Ultimately, my goal is to return your bike in a far better working condition than I received it in.

Finally, because I don’t want to bore you, any work undertaken within the six months following a Premium Service will qualify for a full 25% discount on ALL labour charges for any other work undertaken.