The Ultimate Drive Train Service.

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I Guarantee You Will Not Find A Comparable Service Anywhere!

Give your bike the very best drivetrain service available, improve efficiency and extend its life - saving yourself time and, ultimately money.

This service is not available at your bike shop!


Because, quite simply, they don't have time.


After 25 years of servicing bikes, and many hours of research, I have put together a servicing system which keeps your drive train cleaner, providing more efficient pedalling, and ensuring the whole system stays cleaner, and smoother, for much longer.

After stripping your drivetrain down I put each part through a rigorous cleaning process, removing all the old lube, dirt and accumulated grime using both the time honoured system of elbow grease, followed by extended sessions of ultrasonic cleaning to ensure the whole drivetrain is forensically clean.

By whole, I mean whole drivetrain. I remove jockey wheels and, where possible the freehub to clean and regrease.

Once the cleaning process is complete, everything is blasted through with compressed air to remove any remaining moisture, then everything is alcohol dipped and dried.

Bearings are re-lubed with a tenacious, high quality, waterproof grease and re-sealed. Pawls are lubricated and tested to ensure the spin freely.

The chain is then hot immersion waxed in my super-slippery wax mix for 30 minutes - ensuring every nook and cranny is filled and lubricated.


Wax has been proven to make your drivetrain more efficient and is a natural dirt and water repellent. By using the hot wax method your chain is far better protected internally than just liquid wax on it's own.

To ensure everything works freely I replace your gear cable with a slick, die-drawn stainless inner.

The whole drivetrain is then checked for correct tolerances, b-tension is adjusted as necessary and the shifting is re-indexed.

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The cleaning process is then simplicity itself:

Hose down your drivetrain with cool or cold water, brush away any stuck on debris, dry, and top-up the hard wax with your favoured dry lube,

The Ultimate Drivetrain Service – Faster, Smoother for Longer – Guaranteed!

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