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Pre-waxed chains (cleaned and waxed as outlined below) Post free.

KMC X10 - £41.99

SRAM PG1130 - £43.99


Immersion waxing your supplied chain.


Initial Clean and Wax (as outlined below) - £22.50

Subsequent re-wax - £9.00


The most important job that your chain lube should perform is, obviously, lubrication. However, lubrication, whilst ensuring the smooth running of your drivetrain, should also extend its working life. From the first revolution of your pedals an oiled chain begins a wear process. Petroleum based lubes hold on to dust, form paste with the addition of mud and begin calcification with water. As soon as you see the black gunk form on your chain, usually in the form of a trendy calf tattoo, the oils lubrication properties are fading. That is, providing that you initially cleaned the factory lube out of the chain to allow your chosen oil to adhere.

Therefore, I recommend my hot immersion wax treatment. Wax, when dry, has a natural aversion to dust, water, mud and even oil and is a decent lubricator on its own. However, my wax is not simply warmed up candles, over the past few years I have tested several different mixtures and have finally settled upon a 5% PTFE and 10% WS2 mix. The PTFE (Teflon) has a low friction co-efficient, but more importantly, it aids adherence, in essence it sticks like warm toffee to a woolly jumper. The addition of WS2, micronized tungsten disulphide, is the real star in the lubrication game. Tungsten disulphide is the (not so) secret ingredient in Silca’s Super Secret Chain Lube and has a seriously low friction co-efficient, its slicker than wet soap in the rugby club bath.

Moreover, wax has been proven to extend the life of your drivetrain and seriously reduce cleaning effort. After a dirty ride you rinse the chain, allow it to dry and top up with a liquid wax lube (Squirt, Juice Lubes Wax etc)

I expect a looked after wax chain to need rejuvenating after a thousand miles, give or take, and I offer a renewing wax immersion for pre-waxed chains for less than a tenner.

The process for the initial waxing is a relatively drawn out one. I put the chain through a three-stage cleaning process – petroleum de-grease, ultrasonic clean and an intense alcohol clean before blowing through with high pressure air and a final warm drying – to ensure that there is only bare metal for the modified wax to grip to.

Next, your chain is submerged in the hot wax mix for a minimum of 30 minutes and kept between 68 and 74°C, whilst being thoroughly agitated to ensure that every moving part is coated and every gap is filled.

Finally, the chain is removed from the bath, cooled down and flexed until any excess wax is removed and the chain is free to move.

Why not add a waxination to your standard bicycle service for just £15

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