The "Premium" Service

The Most Comprehensive Service You Will Find - Guaranteed.

The “Premium” Service. - £135


  • Chain checked for stretch - >.5% is good, +.5% recommend new chain.[1]

  • Remove chain and begin 6 stage cleaning process.

  • Remove inner cables.

  • Remove derailleurs. Remove Jockey wheels from rear derailleur, clean and regrease to ensure smooth running. Clean derailleur cages and lubricate all pivots.

  • Remove wheels, strip hubs and check bearings (if new bearings are needed, I will call to discuss with prices, any new bearings needed will be fitted f.o.c.).

  • Remove freehub, degrease pawls/rings and lightly regrease.

  • Remove discs, de-grease, and key braking service.

  • Rim brake wheels – brake tracks de-greased and keyed.

  • Remove brake callipers, remove pads, clean and key.

  • Disc brake pistons cleaned and silicone(d). Rim callipers thoroughly degreased and all pivot points re-lubed.

  • Forks removed.

  • Remove headset bearings and check for smooth operation[2]. Degrease headset races.

  • Bottom Bracket removed (screw in) and bearings assessed, de-greased and re-lubed where possible[3].

  • Seat post removed and cleaned. Seat tube on bike cleaned.

  • Full Suspension frames – all pivot bolts removed, and bearings assessed. Bearings regreased where possible.

  • Full Suspension frames – shock removed and exterior fully cleaned, stanchion lubed with suspension oil.[4]

  • Forks thoroughly cleaned and stanchions lubed.[5]

  • Frame – All threads will be chase and the frame will be detail cleaned and polished/waxed with selected polishes. (Carnuba wax for gloss finishes recommended).

  • Any worn outer cable will be replaced f.o.c.

  • All parts refitted with correct assembly grease/carbon prep.

  • Inner cables replaced with high quality, pre-stretched and immersion waxed cables[6].

  • Hubs reassembled and wheels trued, spoke tension checked and noted on service sheet.

  • Discs reattached and checked for true.

  • Derailleur stops rechecked and B-tension gap corrected.

  • Chain – immersion waxed or lubed as per consult[7].

  • Any new bar tape will be fitted at the end of the service.


Because of the time taken to do a full premium service, it is likely that I will need to keep your bike overnight. It will be locked away in a fully secure location with my extremely noisy dog watching over it.

All bikes are fully insured whilst in transit and in my possession and any work carried out is fully guaranteed/insured.

Bikes for service may be dropped off or I can arrange to collect within a twenty-mile radius of Bakewell, Derbyshire.

Any items you may want fitting or replacing will be done free of charge during the service, in essence, if you have a full suspension bike which needs all the pivot bearings replacing, all the labour will be accounted for in the service.


I will only service one bike at any single time ensuring that, your bike, gets 100% of my attention without the added stress of deadlines etc.


All bikes will be returned with an information sheet providing assessments on bearing wear, tyre wear, brake pad wear, chain stretch and eight random spoke tensions, along with any other recommendations.

Government vouchers will be accepted as part-payment of a Premium service.


This is not just any service, it’s an M.C.S. service!


[1] If the chain has stretched past the .75% mark I will index to check all the components mesh. If everything runs smoothly I would suggest running the components until they are totally worn out – why? It is likely at over .75% a new chain will not mesh with the older chainrings/cassette.

[2] If new headset bearings are required I will call to discuss with costs, replacement bearings will be fitted f.o.c.

[3] I will not remove bearings from cups unless they are being replaced.

[4] Full shock service may be added £70 or seal replacements £30.

[5] Fork lower service £25. Any full services required will be discussed at the consultation stage.

[6] My hot wax process contains a small amount of P.T.F.E. to aid adhesion, and a larger percentage of Tungsten Disulphide forming a slippery, long lasting coating on the cable.

[7] Any secondary chains may be cleaned and waxed for just £5

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