Same Day Service Guarantee

How many times have you taken your bike to be serviced or repaired and are still waiting a week later?

We wanted to be a little different!

So we came up with our Same Day Service Guarantee!

If you pre-book your bike for a Basic or Full Service, get it to us before 11am and, we don't need to order replacement parts, we guarantee to have it fully serviced and ready for collection by 5pm the same day.

If we don't have your bike ready for the same day, we'll knock 25% off the price.

Not only that, we'll take 25% off the full price each extra day we have it.


The same rules will apply for any pre-booked repairs, bleeds and full builds, get the bike in to us in the morning and if we haven't got the job done by end of play you get 25% off.

If we do have to replace parts we will call or message straight away, the clock will then start on the day we receive the part - usually the next day.

This guarantee is only available for pre-booked services and repairs. Premium Services and invisiframe fittings are not included due to the time needed to complete the

service. The Same Day Guarantee is NOT available to walk-in customers. The Guarantee is also void if you fail to collect on the same day.

I don't know of any other bicycle repair workshop which offers this guarantee!