SRAM Red AXS 12-speed Silca Super Wax Blend
  • SRAM Red AXS 12-speed Silca Super Wax Blend

    If you're looking for the ultimate in chain efficiency then look no further!

    Silca's Super Secret Wax blend is proven to save precious watts over wet and dry chain lubes and will extend the life of your chain.

    Each chain is expertly cleaned by hand and finished in our industrial ultrasonic bath to ensure every last remnant of packing grease is removed, before being immersed in Silca's blend at a controlled 73 degrees for at least 30 minutes ensuring full penetration.

    Whether you want the ultimate race-day chain or simply require a longer lasting, super efficient drivetrain, the Silca blend is the schizz.

    Each order comes with 15ml Squirt lube to keep your chain cleaner, for longer.

    Midtech Waxed Road Chains - Faster, Smoother for Longer.