The Premium Bicycle Service

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Premium Service Road -£139*, HT - £155*, FS - £185*

Sports Bicycle

Premium Service Includes

Total Bike Strip Down

Headset stripped and regreased

Wheel Bearings checked/stripped and regreased with Fluoro Grease

Freehub removed and Pawls/Ratchets Cleaned and Regreased with Fluoro Grease

Bottom Bracket Bearings Cleaned and Regreased

Chainrings Removed and Ultrasonically Cleaned

Cassette Removed and Ultrasonically Cleaned

Derailleur Plates and Springs Cleaned and Regreased/lubed

Jockey Wheels Removed, Ultrasonically Cleaned and bearings greased with Fluoro grease

Chain Stripped, Ultrasonically Cleaned and Hot-Waxed or Lubed with Ceramic Lube

Wheels Trued and Spokes Re-tensioned

Brake Pads and Rim Track/Discs Cleaned and Lightly Sanded

All Inner Cables/Fluid Replaced*

All Threads Cleaned and Chased

Frame and Fork Cleaned and Polished (Graphene Waxed or Matt Detailer)

Lower Fork Service (HT & FS)

Shock Air Can Service (FS)

Dropper Seatpost Basic Service. Cable or Fluid Replaced (HT & FS) 

Pivot Bolts Removed, Pivot Bearings Checked and filled with XHP222 (FS)

Tubeless Tyres Fluid Refresh

Bike Re-assembled, Gears Indexed, B-Tension Adjusted, Brakes Centred.

Full Service Sheet with Recommendations Provided

Add Full length Sealed Gear System** - £30

Your drivetrain is removed and thoroughly cleaned ready to be hotwaxed or lubed.


* Add £10 for Dropper Post Basic Service.

** Sealed Gear Cables - Transfil Flying Snake sealed cables or Fibrax Proformance sealed cables, super smooth, long lasting performance.

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