The Premium Hardtail Service


A total strip down of the bike. Everything  including: headset bearings, hub bearings, free hub,  jockey wheels, derailleur plates, derailleur spring and bottom bracket bearings are disassembled, meticulously cleaned, lubed and reassembled. Chain, Cassette and Rings are degreased and ultrasonically washed. All inner cables are replaced with die-drawn, pre-stretched high quality stainless steel cables. Fork Lower service completed and stanchions polished and coated with Finish Line Flouro Stanchion Lube. Wheels are trued and tensioned. All disc rotors are fully cleaned and keyed and pads de-gritted. Hydraulic fluid replaced and seatpost basic service performed (Reverb bled if fitted). The Frame is deep cleaned, polished and carnauba waxed (if gloss) or protection coated (if matt). Chain lube options of Silca Secret Hot Wax blend, Ceramic Lube, or Wet Lube. Bike is reassembled with all threads being chased and bolts greased, b-tension distance corrected and derailleurs fully indexed. Service sheet is provided with 8 random tension measurements and warranty for piece of mind.

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