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What's in a Service?

What’s in a service?

You ride your bike, maybe once a week, maybe twice a day but, ultimately, you ride. Each time you roll your bike out of your front door, shed or garage, you initiate a process of wear. Whether the sun is beating down or torrential rain, blizzards of snow or something in the middle, each condition brings its own particular form of wear.

OK, so you clean your faithful steed after every ride, hose it down (no pressure washer here), agitate with a soft brush and environmentally friendly detergent, run your chain through a bath cleaner, rinse and re-lube. Maybe you even do a monthly in-depth clean, scraping the build up off your jockey wheels and oiling the mech pivot points (really?), but the gunk is still accumulating in those hidden nooks and cranny’s.

In reality, there isn’t a service which can halt the wear process, not even the MCS Premium service, but that’s not the aim. When I came up with the MCS service I cast an eye towards the prolongation of the bike’s separate parts, especially those area’s which are usually hidden. I would do the obvious, ensuring the chain was within wear limits, checking pivot, bottom bracket, headset and wheel bearings and, where possible, renewing the grease, but to truly prolong the life of the componentry I would have to take a further step. For instance, cleaning the crank shaft to ensure smooth rotation, degreasing axles and pivot bolts, removing the accumulated grime, scouring brake tracks on rims and discs, crosshatching the latter to give “better bite”. Scrubbing derailleurs and refilling with grease internally as well as digging out the grime from the cages, opening clutches and ensuring they are correctly greased or lubed. Cleaning the grime off pistons in the disc calipers and opening road brake calipers to give the internals a grease and lube, cleaning the brake lever piv

ots to ensure a snappy return, and so on.

The aim is to return your bike in a condition that is as close to new as possible but with some extra’s, the frame will come back polished in carnuba wax, out of a tub and hand polished, not “wash and waxed”. The cable replacements will be immersion waxed for longer lasting, smoother shifting. The chain will be correctly lubed, or immersion waxed (my recommendation) for luxurious shifting and each service will come with an in-depth assessment of wear, and, after the wheels have been tensioned and trued, eight random spokes will be measured, and the tension figures recorded.

While this service isn’t cheap (unless you live sarf o’the Watford Gap), it does represent good value for money. This level of anal retentiveness takes some serious time and, in some cases, effort. I will, inevitably, need to keep the bike overnight and will only have one at a time – for insurance purposes.

Which leads nicely on to my final point, all my work is fully insured and, while in my possession, so is your pride and joy. While initially, I plan to run my business from home, I have a fully stocked workshop and secure storage guarded by a very noisy dog.

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