Tick Tock...

After what seems like an eternal wait, I finally picked up the key for the new workshop.

With all the extra space I have, I have decided to form three distinctive spaces. Closest to the rear wall is the cleaning area, the central area is for general servicing and repairs - the tool board resides here and the small parts. Finally, the area closest to the door is the admin area. I also have a floating area for suspension servicing with the vice and a bench mounted workstand in which to clamp the forks.

Today started with my father-in-law bringing his van so we could

load everything up and get it moved. Unfortunately, with almost perfect timing, my other-half was called in to work leaving me to look after my two little angels which meant that they had to come and help Grandpa and I set up. In effect, this knocked work back as, by the time we had the cupboards and worktop in, they were ready to go and getting quite vocal about it.

There is still some work to do, the tool board has to be populated and the floating Island cupboard is still to be built but, by Monday afternoon, we will be up and running.

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