The Ultimate Drivetrain Service!

The drivetrain, from the shifters to the pedals and on to the derailleurs is, for the most part, the most troublesome part of the bike. Cable stretch, chain stretch, indexing and cleanliness all play their own vital part in propelling you forward. Doesn’t it make sense then to ensure its cleanliness and efficiency?

Getting ready for unltrasonics.

In fact, most of the bikes that I deal with come in for service because something in the drivetrain is out of sync and is ruining the ride and feel of the bike. That’s why I put together the Ultimate Drivetrain Service. The ambition was to create a service which increased efficiency while being easier to maintain in all situations, for all types of riding.

While the service can be performed by just sending in the parts, it is best to have the whole bike so I can ensure that everything meshes and works as it should.

Each service begets new inner cables which are die drawn stainless steel and then polished for slick shifting. Derailleurs are taken the bike and thoroughly cleaned and relubed. Jockey wheels are removed, degreased and bearings/bushings checked for free movement. Likewise, chainrings and cassettes are removed, degreased and, along with the chain, put through a full 30-minute ultrasonic bath treatment. To ensure the cassette spins freely, the freehub body is removed, stripped and the pawls/rings are lightly greased with Mobil xhp. The bearings are checked at the same time.

Putting it all together again and the outer cables are internally greased with super slick silicone grease to ensure free movement. The chain is hot-waxed with my slippery Tungsten-wax mix – the benefits of which are well documented – and everything is set and indexed to the correct tolerance.

The waxed chain ensures that compression/depression action of the chain is reduced while allowing the rollers the radial action they require for efficient movement. This wax method keeps your drivetrain cleaner for longer but, most importantly, allows for far easier cleaning. Your drivetrain literally requires rinsing with cool, or lukewarm water, tenacious mud, muck or dust can be brushed off and then rewaxing with a liquid wax will preserve the integrity of the harder wax inside for up to 1000 miles, maybe more.

The whole process takes 3-5 hours, making the initial £49.99 introductory price an absolute steal and is not available in bike shops anywhere.

You can book your Ultimate Drivetrain Service here…

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