Premium Service – Why You Should…

“Of course!”, I can hear you splutter, “Of course you’re going to say that that’s how you make a living…”

And, you’re right, well almost…

The fact is, a Premium Service is intensely time consuming, supremely anal, and mentally stressful. For the same money we could do 3 or 4 general services in less than half the time. However, the Premium Services are an extremely good way for you to get the measure of the health of your bike and we can identify any issues which may turn into long term problems and cut them off at the pass. More importantly, we can get the bike performing at it’s best in its current wear state and, in many cases, we can get it performing better than it did when it rolled off the shop floor.

Consider, the average premium takes between eight and ten hours with the caveat that no new parts are needed. Your pride and joy is stripped to its bare bones and treated to a deep degrease and clean. The components themselves, where possible, are also stripped, cleaned and regreased with the finest lubes.

The bearings in your hubs are checked for smoothness, stripped and reassembled with Mobil XHP 222 grease. The rims are cleaned and inspected for wear, cracks and splits in the tape, before being recharged with tubeless fluid (if you run tubeless). The wheels are checked for roundness and radial run out, trued where needed and spoke tension is checked and recorded. Freehub pawls, ratchets or sprags are cleaned and lightly regreased and, where used, freehub bearings are cleaned checked and regreased.

Disc brakes are drained and treated to nice clean fluid before being bled, the discs themselves are degreased, bathed in an ultrasonic cleaner before being lightly sanded and cross hatched with course emery. Pads, if they don’t need replacing are degreased and lightly sanded to provide the best disc-pad interface. Rim pads also get the same degreasing treatment, with all debris removed from the face of the pad and the rim scoured and lightly sanded.

Bikes with suspension, the oils in the forks and shock are replaced after the lower legs and shaft have been thoroughly cleaned, full services are available here at a reduced cost – if needed. Dropper seatposts are stripped and the bushings cleaned, the inner cable is replaced and, if needed, the outer too, with premium Fibrax die-drawn slick cables. Reverb seatposts are fully bled and the shaft cleaned and greased, they can be fully serviced here at a reduced rate. The pivot bolts are removed and all bearings are checked for smoothness, any that need replacing can be done so and we only use Enduro or premium Max Compliment bearings, of course we won’t change anything without your permission!

Whilst we are on the frame, any threads are chased out, including the bottom bracket threads, dropouts, and water bottle bosses. While it is stripped, the frame is thoroughly cleaned and polished with either carnuba wax or matt detailer to give it a lovely finish. Headset bearings are removed, cleaned, and regreased with just the right amount of grease.

The heart of your bike is its drivetrain and this is where we go to town. The chain is thoroughly stripped of any lube, it goes through a multi-stage cleaning process concluding in two ultrasonic baths before being checked for contaminants in pure alcohol. It is then re-lubed

according to your specification with Silca’s Secret Wax Blend or Fin Super Dry to provide the cleanest and most efficient shifting and longevity. The cassette and chainrings are thoroughly degreased by hand in the parts washer before being subjected to the ultrasonic bath and alcohol rinse before being blast dried with compressed air to make sure any errant dirt or grease is finally removed. Crank arms are cleaned and the pedal threads are chased. The crank axle is scoured and polished to provide a smooth interface with the bottom bracket, and lightly coated with Mobil lube before re-assembly. Dearilleurs are removed, Jockey wheels stripped and regreased internally, and faceplates, springs and pivots are cleaned and relubed. All inner gear cables are replaced with the super-smooth, die-drawn, British-made Fibrax Slick 1.1mm stainless steel cables for long-lasting, crisp shifting.

Finally, your bike is reassembled with the correct assembly grease, more importantly, in the correct amount. All bolts are torqued to the manufacturer’s specifications, and everything is recorded on a service sheet which is emailed to you once the bike is ready for collection.

As I pointed out, of course this is in part a promotion for Midtech Cycle’s Premium Services, however, because there are so few businesses that offer such an in-depth service, I feel I should be forgiven. Because the Premiums are so in depth, we specifically reserve Mondays and Tuesdays for them, and spaces are limited. Finally, in the extremely unlikely event that something is not right, you can return the bike and we will sort within three months of the service.

You can book your Premium Service using the chat service at:

Or call on 07434 870512

I look forward to seeing you and your bike.


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