Premium Service - Why?

Buying a bike for using as your hobby, or transport, is your route to a fitter, greener life and is a real no-brainer. It gets you out into the fresh air and allows you to visit places you haven’t been before. It improves your fitness, your lung capacity, the strength of your heart, legs, core and, for the most part, it’s far less stressful than impact sports such as running or rugby.

​However, a bike is, for want of a better phrase, human powered machinery, and, as much as you need to look after yourself, the bike occasionally needs some tlc too. From the very first ride your bike has forces exerted on it which begins a slow, but steady wear process. Whether road riding, trail riding, or a mix of both, your bike gathers dirt and road detritus which has an uncanny way of finding routes into even the most sealed areas of your bike. The grease in your bearings, while being an awesome lubricant when new, is moved around, creating gaps and allowing for contact between the balls and races. Add in mud or diesel infused water and you have conditions for wear to destruction.

Even the most looked after dry weather bike is subject to this hidden wear and, while it may be imperceptible, it is happening. From brake pads wearing to grease breaking down in jockey wheels, headsets, pivots and wheel bearings to spokes loosening and bolts slowly corroding.

Many riders, by accident or design, wear parts out and replace them as they break, or worse, have to replace multiple parts. This is especially prevalent in the drivetrain, as the chain stretches past its best and grinds out chainrings and cassette. A chain that has stretched much past its limit usually requires the replacement of cassette and rings just to mesh smoothly.

The goal then, of the Premium Service, is too slow down the wearing process and extend the working life of all the parts on your bike, to effectively give it a “re-boot”, exactly the same as if it were a car.

But my local bike shop does a service, why should I get a premium service?

The clue is really in the name. A shop is, by design, there to sell things. The mechanic in your bike shop is usually under pressure to “get it done and get it out!” Their primary job is to ensure your bike is running rather than purring. A premium service is onerous, it takes anywhere between 6 and 10 hours. It involves a FULL strip down, removing every part and concentrating on the minutiae, finally returning your bike with a full detail clean and polish.

How many bike shops return your bike with your drivetrain forensically cleaned and lubed, every bolt and bearing regreased, every thread tapped and chased, every inner cable replaced and a full replacement of brake fluid?

What about suspension?

​Yup - As part of the Premium Service we do a Fork Lower Service and Shock Can strip clean and reassemble!

With the Premium Service every thread is chased, every bearing carefully opened and regreased, chain, rings and cassettes are thoroughly de-greased and deep-cleaned in our industrial parts washer BEFORE going into the ultrasonic cleaner, jockey wheels are de-gunked and the bearings cleaned and regreased and all the pins on derailleurs are lubed with the spring removed to allow full access. Even the dropper post is removed and treated to a mini service. The bare frame is then washed, detail cleaned and polished with high quality carnauba wax or coated with Muc Off© HCB-1 for ultimate long-term protection.

Your bike is returned highly cleaned, polished and running as smoothly as is possible, extending every parts usable life!

Midtech Cycle Services only provides an independent workshop service, we are not a bike shop, we are not affiliated to any specific brand, we do not sell anything but services. To that end, any parts which need replacing are done so at cost – we make little, if any, profit off replacement parts, we do not penalise you for bringing in your own replacement parts and anything replaced during a service is fitted and set up free of charge! Moreover, our winter Premium ensures your chain, chainset and cassette is treated with Muc off's HCB-1 or Interflon's Fin Super for very long lasting protection.

We also give discount on any other service parts during the Premium Service and, while forks, shocks and seatposts have a lower/aircan service and bleed (reverb) we can offer a full service for the price of parts plus £20, which is up to 50% off a full service.

The Premium Service offers Value for Money!

Really? Think about it like this. You take your road bike for a basic service at your local bike shop. That’s £40-50. Add a drivetrain strip and clean - £35. A chain waxing service - £25. Full strip down and rebuild - £70-90. New inner cables - £6-20. Wheel truing £15 per wheel and not many bike shops offer a wheel tension as standard.

What about an MTB? We offer a fork lower service, shock air can service and a basic seatpost service as part of the Premium service, this alone would cost upwards of £100 at your local shop!

What about Insurance?

Midtech Cycles has full liability insurance exactly the same as your Local bike shop, and higher in some cases. We are registered to deliver the governments Fix Your Bike voucher scheme, to do this we had to provide proof that we had sufficient insurance to cover any liability issues.


We do, of course, want you to come back for service after service, to that end we provide a 3-month warranty on any work undertaken and we will tweak your indexing for 6 mont

hs after your service absolutely free of charge. Any parts purchased through us are, of course, covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Chain Waxing?

Chain waxing is one of the best ways you can extend the life of your drivetrain, as well as providing a quieter and more efficient system, but, even with judicious use of a liquid wax lube, the hard hot wax treatment needs replacing (using Squirt© or Juice Lubes Dry Wax© we recommend a hot wax treatment every 800-1k miles or 4-500 miles in the wet.) We do re-treatments at £10 or £12 for the Silca Super Secret Wax Blend© Chain waxing is offered as standard in any of our Premium Services.

How often should I have a Premium Service?

Dependant upon how often you use your bike we would recommend a Premium Service every 2-3000 miles or once a year, with an Ultimate Drivetrain Service at the halfway point or every six months. Every Premium Service customer will get a full bicycle check up when they book the UDS, essentially, a basic service free of charge. We will, with your permission, add your details into our database and email after six months. We will NOT send any marketing emails nor keep your details in any publicly available space.

Why Midtech Cycles?

25+ years of experience in or around the bike trade including time served as a team mechanic and a shop mechanic, working with an importer, and also in CNC small parts manufacturing. I am qualified to City and Guilds level 3 in Mechanical Fitting, Fabrication and Bicycle Mechanics. Most importantly, I do nothing else but service and repair bicycles and that experience is worth more than any single qualification, if there is a problem with your bike, it is highly probable I have seen it before and know how to fix it.

Book Now!

While we do the Premium Service when necessary, the two days we reserve specifically are Mondays and Tuesdays. We are shut on Wednesdays and do a drop off and collection service on Sundays. We will be providing a late-night service on Wednesdays (open 4-8) if needed. Out of hours appointments may be booked as necessary, just use the contact form below or call.

I can only pay by card?

No problem, we accept all major credit cards, BACs, Paypal, Google Pay, Apple Pay and (yes really) Cash.

Midtech’s Premium Bike Service’s are The Total Bike Service, we seek to make every part of your bike work as efficiently as possible, extending parts life and making your ride much more enjoyable. If any parts do need replacing we will confirm costs with you via email, text or whatsapp prior to fitting – no nasty surprises - ever!

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