Maintaining Your Midtech Waxed Chain.

By buying a Midtech Cycles services hot waxed chain you are investing in your drivetrain. Each chain is forensically cleaned with biodegradable degreaser in one of our heated ultrasonic cleaners. once the degreaser has fully penetrated the chain is rinsed off with clean boiling water and thoroughly dried.

When dry, the chain is placed back into the ultrasonic cleaner and this time bathed in white spirits, if there is any contamination the liquid is drained off and the cleaner re-filled with clean (recycled) white spirits, this process is repeated until no contamination is observed exiting the chain.

The cleaned chain is then drip dried and bathed in methylated spirits to remove any film the white spirit may have left, once the chain is fully penetrated it is removed to the drying rack and left to fully air dry.

The final check is to place the chain in a jar of pure alcohol and agitate, if there are any particles present the whole process is repeated until the chain is forensically clean.

Only once we are satisfied that there is no factory grease or swarf left inside the chain do we submerse it the hot wax, where it is agitated and turned over for a minimum of 30 minutes with the wax at 76 centigrade.

Before finally bagging, we flex the chain to ensure any excess wax is removed and we then pack it, along with the original packaging for voracity. We only use genuine Shimano or Sram chains from the UK importers.

Once the chain is posted we will email you with the tracking number. All of our chains are waxed to order and are usually despatched the day after being ordered.

Maintaining your Waxed Chain.

How long the wax in your chain lasts depends upon the conditions in which it is used but it can be maintained for a fairly long period.

We recommend that, once the chain starts to feel dry or sound noisy you use a liquid chain wax, due to it's friction busting qualities we recommend Squirt Lube. Most liquid wax lubes are wax suspended in a liquid which evaporates just leaving the wax behind. The wax in the liquid wax lube will bind to the remaining hot-wax and fill in any gaps.

If your chain is particularly dirty then hose it with cool water and wipe of any dirt or grime with a damp cloth or, if available, a cloth dampened with methylated spirits. There is no need to degrease the chain or run it through a chain cleaner. Allow the chain to dry and then apply the wax lube as per the manufacturers instructions.

We recommend you get your chain re-waxed at least every 1000 miles, we offer a wax refresh for £10, just post it back to us and we'll give it a clean, a re-wax and return it by post the same day.

If you want to remove all the wax just put it in an open container, add boiling water and agitate.

Before fitting your chain we recommend you degrease your cassette, jockey wheels, chainrings and derailleur plates - we can offer this service by post if you can remove your parts, just message for a quick response.

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