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We are Moving

When I decided to launch Midtech as a static business over the Mobile business I used to provide, I didn’t realise how quickly I’d outgrow my (large) garden workshop (that’s a posh shed). However, while I had the option to open a large workshop in Ripley, that took me away from my little monsters and created, something I detest, a couple of hours’ worth of commuting every day.

If I was to move then, it had to be closer to home, at least until the better half found a job closer to home. We have very little in the way of extended family, and none that live within baby-sitting distance, hence, both of us working with a hefty commute was a no-no.

Then, a chance conversation revealed that, there was a workshop I could rent that was fairly close to the school which my girls attend. Fairly close is not an exaggeration, my workshop is directly opposite the school; any emergencies and I’m there, quite literally fifteen seconds away.

Added to the school bonus is the fact that, I will be located on the main road that passes through Youlgrave and am also part of the Garage complex, there’s far more room for parking and no navigation aid is needed to get there.

Of course, moving to a bricks and mortar (listed) building will change the way I do some things, I’ll be setting opening and closing times, however, I will still be available out of hours, it will just require that you get in touch first to arrange drop-offs and collections.

So, as from Monday 6th September, the business will be located next door to the Youlgrave Garage, Alport Lane, DE45 1WN.

What’s more, I also want to offer a few services guarantees to give some piece of mind.

Anytime Indexing – Drop in any time for a gear Index and I’ll sort it while you wait, just £15.

Same Day Service Guarantee – Book your bike in for a general service and, providing you drop it off before lunch and no further parts are required, I’ll have it ready for collection the same day and, your chain will also get the full degrease, ultrasonic clean and relube to boot. The general service is £45.

Two Day Premium – The premium service is very popular for good reason; it is literally a TOTAL bike service. Currently, due to the amount of time it takes to complete the Premium service, I am limiting them to 5 a week and will require an overnight stay (the bikes are fully insured) – Day 1 will be the total strip down and ultrasonic cleaning, day two, polish and rebuild. Premium Services must be booked prior to drop-off.

InvisiFRAME – Invisiframe recommend a 24hr curing time, please factor this in when booking.

Custom Bike Builds – Full custom builds will be completed on the day of booking providing they are dropped off before 11am.

Internet Bike Build and Servicing - As most Internet builds do not offer the recommended servicing I have put together a number of packages:

Simple Internet Build – Bring the bike in and I’ll set it up correctly and fully indexed - £15

Internet Build and 6 week Service – As above but with a 6 week tune up - £25

Internet Build and 1 Year Package – Initial build, 6 week service and 1 year service - £50

Hydraulic Brake Refresh – Your brakes aren’t just bled, I replace the fluid completely and de-oxygenate dot fluid - £17.50 or £30 for both.

Emergency Repairs – Inevitably, things happen out on the road or trail and you want to get back out asap. Give me a ring or tap out a message and see what we can do.

Silca Super Secret Chain Wax Service – Protect your chain to the max and get a smoother, quieter transmission to boot. While waxing has long been known on the road scene to provide performance benefits, it can also extend the life of a mountain bike’s transmission, especially if you already use a liquid wax such as squirt. Silca’s blend is a not-so-secret mix of Tungsten disulphide platelets and superior quality waxes and is proven to enhance performance and provide longer lasting protection. Drop off your chain and cassette in the morning and you’ll have it back the same day, forensically cleaned and saturated in Silca’s wax blend - £25 (£10 for a refresh).

Finally (phew), while I will keep certain consumables on hand, chains, cables etc. I intend to use them as part of the servicing regime. If you do want to buy I will oblige, but I do not carry a comprehensive range of parts and accessories, MCS is a service centre rather than a shop.

I look forward to seeing you and, more importantly, your bike soon.



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