It's Spring - Time to get the Bike Sorted?

It’s that time of year again.

The clocks have gone forward, the nights lighter, flowers

are sprouting, and the warmer, greener days of spring are about to hit the land. Of course, your bikes had a rough old winter, and it may be feeling the worse for wear, even if you can’t see, or feel it.

Let me offer an analogy if you will. You buy a new computer, laptop, tablet etc, and even though you maintain it, you use your ccleaner, malware checker, anti-virus and you constantly clear your cookies and cache, your tech gradually, but visibly, slows down. After a year, once you’ve had enough of waiting for the internet to load up, you revert it factory settings to gain some of that speed that it had when you got it out the box.

Your bike too goes through the same process, mud, dust, diesel, road gunk all worms their way inside your moving parts and start to degrade their performance, usually imperceptibly, until that horrible graunching, grinding or even failure moment. Because this wear is slow it is barely noticeable, and your bike feels roughly the same every ride – but, unfortunately, it isn’t. Foreign matter slowly finds its way past your double labyrinth seals into wheel bearings, headset bearings, brakes, pivot bolts and bearings, suspension and shock dust seals, even with the most rigorous cleaning.

This is the reason I put together the Premium Services, to give your bike a reset to factory settings, or as near as dammit and, while I can’t reverse the wear created, I can slow it down.

Of course, you could stop reading now, I am selling a service and it isn’t cheap. I’ll say that again, it isn’t cheap! On the other hand, it could drastically reduce your maintenance bill over the coming summer of mega-rides and, more importantly, reduce your time waiting for repairs as bike shops start quoting longer lead times.

So, let me add some context. The Premium Service is a TOTAL stripdown, not just removing parts and giving them a polish. I literally service every single part, from the bearings in the jockey wheels, to the seals on your forks and shock, the shaft on your seatpost, the bearings in your pivots, right down to a full degrease of the drivetrain and giving all those parts an ultrasonic clean. During the service all the threads on the bike are chased including the bottom bracket, derailleur hanger, brake caliper threads and even the water bottle bosses. Fork lower oil is replaced with rock oil or genuine Fox/Rockshox wt’ed oils/ The fluid in your brakes is drained out and refilled with fresh oil/dot fluid, gear cables are replaced with slick, die-drawn, stainless-steel cables and your forensically cleaned chain is re-lubed or hot-waxed with Silca’s Super-Secret friction busting wax. Wheels are checked for tension and re-tensioned and trued and discs checked for thickness, thoroughly de-greased and lightly sanded, while for those with rim brakes, the rims are scrubbed clean and lightly sanded with emery cloth to give the best possible braking surface for both. Let’s not forget the frame which will be deep cleaned while it’s stripped and polished with Carnauba wax or matt detailer. The service is intense and takes anywhere between eight and fifteen hours. I do not know a local bike shop that offers this in-depth level of service.

Each service undertaken is provided with a Service sheet checklist, and, if needed, a list of recommendations. Any parts which need replacing at the time of service will be fully agreed first and will be sold to you, where possible, for less than the RRP.

While your bike is in my possession it is fully insured for theft or damage liability and all work has a limited warranty from the date on your service record.

So, while I can’t re-new your bike, I can get it as close as is humanly possible and, as I pointed out previously, I don’t know a bike shop that can offer this level of service.

So, while you’ve got your spring-cleaning head on, why not give me a ring on 07434 870512 or visit my website at and get your bike FULLY sorted for the long days of riding ahead.

Jason Middleton


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