Gallery of Work

Frame Tapped

All threads are chased during the premium service so your bolts, pedals and bottom bracket screws in smoothly.

Dropper Serviced

Dropper service include in the Hardtail Premium Service.

The Parts Cleaner

All chains go through the cleaner no matter what level of service.

Premium Hardtail

Full chain clean and wax, derailleurs stripped and cleaned and the cassette goes through the ultrasonic bath.

Hardtail Premium

Hardtail Premium on a sunny day.

Hardtail Chainring

Chainrings go through the ultrasonic bath

Tool Board

Ever expanding tool board.

Got a dropper

All droppers get a mini service on the premium

Dropper 2

All droppers get a mini service on the premium

Chain and Cassette

Full drivetrain clean on the Ultimate Drive Clean

Whyte Premium Service

Whyte G170 in for a Premium Service.

Pivot Bearing Replacement

We have a full range of bearing pullers for when those pesky bearings need replacing - at no extra cost in the premium

Santa Cruz Premium
Wheel Tension

All wheels are tensioned and Trued in the Premium Service

Specialized Tarmac

Tarmac in for a Premium Service

Claude Butler

1980's Claude Butler ladies bike - new cables, bottom bracket, tyres, saddle and bar tape - along with a Premium Service

Bar Tape

We still use the figure 8 bar tape method when replacing tape

Pike Lower Service

Fork lower services are performed as part of our Premium Services


Liquid Chain Wax Application.

Santa C wrap

InvisiFrame purchase and fitting available

Shock Service

All FS Premium Services get their shocks stripped and re-lubed

Jockey Wheel Clean

Jockey wheels stripped and cleaned - all part of the Premium


Workshop being used


Santa Cruz Bronson - Premium Service with Full Drive Train Replacement.