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Chain Waxing - Midtech MTB Wax Blend


For many years we, as cyclists, have been waxing our chains, beginning about twenty years ago with Plutoline wax. When Mucoff/Sky introduced their hydrodynamic Race Chains and Ceramic Speed their UFO chains we were messing with different additives in paraffin wax, finally settling on Tungsten Disulfide as the ultimate additive.

When we opened our doors I began offering our MTB chain wax on our MTB premium services. The wax itself consists of the highest quality, food grade paraffin wax with a 10% addition of pure, refined micronised PTFE powder ground to equal or less than 3 microns, that's 50g with 500g of wax, a very high concentration of PTFE which bonds to the metal of the chain to provide an extremely efficient lubricant. We also add 25g of Tungsten Disulphide (the not-so secret ingredient of the Silca blend), combining the two additives provides the ultimate long-lasting lubricity and, while not quite as friction busting as the Silca, we designed it to last longer rather than to save watts - it is, after all, for an MTB rather than the much cleaner environs of the road. Finally, to the above mix we add a measured amount of extremely high grade paraffin to soften the wax slightly, creating a more flexible, but due to the added PTFE, a more secure bond to combat the rapid movement of the MTB chain as you power your way down rocky, rooty descents.

Our waxed chains are far cheaper than the "big boys" and provide at the very least an equal, or in some cases, a more efficient, longer lasting lubrication.

With the opening of the shop we also chose to offer chain waxing on some "lower end" chains as the potential cost savings in the longevity gains throughout the whole drivetrain far outweigh the initial cost of the wax - if you don't plan to change your drivetrain every one thousand miles then having your chain immersion waxed is a complete no brainer.

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