Ultimate Drivetrain and Cable Upgrade - £74

Many shifting problems occur because the cables become contaminated and even sit in minute puddles that gather in the bends and flat areas of cable outer. Even internally routed cables, where a full length outer isn't used can become contaminated and, in many cases, because they are out of sight, will be the last place you look. This contamination manifests itself in a number of ways, through ghost shifting  and even a stiffening of the lever throw when changing gear. It may cause slow shifts and even become visible as a slow moving derailleur.

We have the solution!

By fitting a cable which runs through an internal, full length waterproof sheath, from shifter to derailleur, utilising a slick-coated stainless cable and alloy endcaps, combined with an ultrasonically cleaned drivetrain, both cassette and chainrings, and a fully immersion waxed* or ceramic lubed chain, we'll give you the smoothest, quietest shifting possible, that lasts a long, long time.

My Cables are internally routed, I don't need this?

On the contrary, I have, through experience, found that internally routed cables tend to have more acute angles, especially where the cables are stopped against the frame which can cause the inner to rub on the outer cables ferrules, and, when they get rusty... A fully sheathed cable is protected against water contamination and ensures the cables run more efficiently around tighter bends, creating the lightest mechanical shifts possible.

The Ultimate sealed drive upgrade makes your transmission-

Smoother, Faster for Longer.

Fibrax Proformance.jpg

Transfil's Flying Snake is the ultimate in lightweight sealed cables. The carbon Kevlar outer is claimed to be 33% lighter than Shimano SP4 and the inners are sealed in Polyurethane liner from shifter to derailleur, super smooth, super light shifting that lasts a long time.

Fibrax's Proformance sealed cable system utilizes their die-drawn and ground slick cable, encased in a full-length polyurethane sheath, providing super slick, extremely light shifting that will most likely outlast the drivetrain. 


Silca's Super Secret Wax blend, with its "secret" blend of high performance waxes and the NASA invented Tungsten Disulphide penetrates into the deepest recesses of your chain. The wax process ensures your chain is supremely efficient, super quiet and even saves watts over standard chain lubes making your chain smoother, faster for longer.


Add an Ultegra/XT chain at a reduced price:-

CN-M8100 12 Speed 126 link - £38.00

CN-HG701 11 Speed 116 ling - £30.00