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Frequently Asked Questions?

Q. Do you sell bikes, parts or accessories?

A. In a nutshell, no. However, we do have accounts with a few suppliers and we are able to source any parts we need. If you already have parts you want fitting we charge a nominal fee for doing so, unless it is fitted during a service.

Q. Is my bike insured while it is with you?

A. Yes. We have two types of insurance; Public Liability - this covers you (and me) for any work I do on your bike and Contents, which covers the bike while it is in the workshop.

Q. Is your work guaranteed?

A. We do, of course, want you to be happy with the work we do on your bike. To this end I provide a personal, 3 month guarantee on any repairs or servicing. Just bring it back in within those 3 months and I'll adjust or repair as necessary. This includes indexing and truing - within reason - riding into a tree doesn't count. Any parts we replace will be covered by the manufacturers warranty.

Q. Do you service suspension?

A. Yes, and no. I can do full services on Rockshox forks and shocks and Fox Forx. I do Lower services on all forks and air shocks. I do not do full services on Fox air or spring shox because, without the nitrogen charging kit the warranty on the shock is void. Ido hold accounts with two premium shock service and repair companies and can ensureure your shock is serviced to the highest standards if needs be. 

A. We do dropper servicing from as little as £25 dependant on the model. A Reverb service is more expensive because we only use genuine Rockshox parts and oils.

Q. Why does the Premium Service take more than a day?

A. The premium service is our signature. It involves a full strip down and more, with each part being assessed, forensically cleaned and relubed with high quality greases and oils. Each individual part is put through the parts washer and many then go into our industrail ultrasonic cleaner. This cleaning process alone takes the best part of a day. Each part is then attached to the polished frame and each tolerance checked to ensure best performance. Very few, if any, bike shops can offer a comparative service as it is immensely time consuming. 

Q. Why does every service get a chain clean?

A. The chain is the heart of your bike, relatively unnoticed until things go wrong. I have found that a clean chain provides more longevity to the drivetrain as a whole. Hence, as part of the general and full service package, the chain is degreased in the parts washer and has a twenty-minute ultrasonic clean before being blown through with high pressure air and then relubed with your choice of wet, dry or ceramic lube. The Premium service and hot waxing service requires a far more sophisticated clean.

Q. What about dropper servicing?