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A Bike Is Not Just For Christmas!

It's a tale as old as Christmas. You buy your little angels the bike they've been demanding since the clocks went forward last spring, you carefully wrap and try to conceal it behind the tree, all is good with the world.  

Once they realise Santa's been, they hunt down the bicycle shaped present, tear off your hours worth of wrapping in seconds flat and want to be out on it - NOW! You drag the bike outside and they get on it, but...

The brakes don't work, or the gears, or the wheels won't go round, the pedals won't go in and the forks look funny - your angel is quickly turning into the devil and now, instead of sitting watching Dorothy dance down the Yellow Brick Road, your trying to adjust bits of bike with the hastily found adjustable spanner, or the cheap-assed pressed steel tool you found in the bag hanging on the handlebars...

All this could be avoided, for the cost of a purple note we will make sure you don't waste your day cursing wheels, pedals and brakes. Book your new (or even second-hand) bike in now and we'll adjust the brakes, make sure the gears work and the pedals go in the right way round. We'll make sure it's safe to ride and, most importantly, the bell works. 

Twenty Quid, it's a small price to pay for a peaceful Christmas Day, isn't it?

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