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Chain Waxing - Silca's Secret Wax Blend

For many years we, as cyclists, have been waxing our chains, beginning about twenty years ago with Plutoline wax. When Mucoff/Sky introduced their hydrodynamic Race Chains and Ceramic Speed their UFO chains we were messing with different additives in paraffin wax, finally settling on Tungsten Disulfide as the ultimate additive.

Once we opened the business I began offering Chain Waxing as part of that service, finally settling on Silca's blend because it was far more consistent than our own mixing. We also chose to use Silca's Super Secret Wax Blend as, in our opinion, it offers the best all round properties for both chain efficiency and long term cleanliness. This is backed by the extreme testing which is done at Zero Friction Cycling. Here's what Silca themselves say;

"Consisting of highly refined laboratory-grade paraffin and a high concentration of 3 specific sizes of nano-scale Tungsten disulfide, Secret Chain Blend not only acts as a lubricant but actually acts to modify the surface of the chain, filling in all of the crevices of the metal with highly lubricious and wear-resistant tungsten disulfide particles. As a result, chains waxed with Secret Chain Blend and Secret Chain Lube will actually get faster over time and after repeated waxings. Secret Chain Blend is the only hot wax lubricant to have a specifically matched and compatible drip wax which can be used to 'top off' the wax as needed, extending the duration between hot wax applications, and guaranteeing the quietest running drivetrain possible. Using the combination of Secret Chain Blend and Secret Chain Lube can dramatically extend the chain and drivetrain component life (up to 10x)."

Zero Friction Cycling also notes;

"SILCA Secret Chain Blend (Hot Wax) brings all of the super speed and silence of our Super Secret Chain Lube in a hot-melt wax-dipped chain.  Secret Chain Blend also utilizes the world’s fastest, most lubricious additive, nano-scale Tungsten Di-Sulfide. NanoPlatelet WS2 has less than 1/3 the dynamic coefficient of friction of PTFE and 1/4 that of Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2)."


"Update as of 19th December 2020 – with the release from Ceramic Speed of UFO Drip v2 and its comparison to key competitors, this showed that Silca Hot Melt was around 1w faster than the decade long king Mspeedwax. Its more expensive due to cost of WS2 vs moly, but if you need that watt, Silca Hot Melt is currently the fastest known immersive wax on the market"

Our waxed chains are between 10 and 30% cheaper than Ceramic Speed UFO treated chains, combined with the increased efficiency of Silca's wax and the lack of 12 speed options make our chains the perfect race day or even everyday option.

With the opening of the shop we chose to offer chain waxing on "lower end" chains as the potential cost savings in the longevity gains throughout the whole drivetrain far outweigh the initial cost of the wax - if you don't plan to change your chain every one thousand miles then having your chain immersion waxed is a complete no brainer.

We recommend you keep your wax topped up with Squirt Lube or Tru-Tension Tungsten All Weather/Race Lube

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