Welcome to Midtech Cycle Services. 25 years of fixing bikes for a team, for shops, for an importer, for a club and for friends and family have led me to the inescapable conclusion, not all cycle services are worth what you pay for them.

Midtech Cycle's services ensure that the job is done right. Every service has a 3 month warranty. I pride myself on ensuring your bike is not just fit to ride, it is a joy to ride.

Book your service, InvisiFRAME or repair today and see for yourself.


My Story

FOR over a quarter of a century, I have worked in, or around, the bicycle repair and manufacturing industry. My first role, as a part time fleet mechanic for an importer of premium full suspension bikes, fired up a passion for two-wheel, manually powered transport and the intricacies it involved. In the late nineties, with a protractor and compass and later with CAD programs, I was designing the frames I would have loved to have ridden.

I worked as a team mechanic for an XC racing team, in multiple shops as a spanner jockey, in the warranty department of the above-mentioned importer, in a CNC factory producing small parts for suspension fork manufacturers (and F1 cars) and sub-contracting to local bike shops.

Back in 2014 I formed Midtech cycle Services as a part-time mobile repair service to support me through my other passion, I went back to Uni and achieved my master’s degree in literature, but the lock down saw me returning to sub-contracting to an LBS.

I spent my early years in the Royal Engineers where I was trained as a mechanical fitter and a fabricator/welder.

My particular passion is in improving the efficiency and longevity of the bike and I specialise in premium repairs and servicing. I have previously worked in a Shimano Service Centre and have taken both the RS and Fox courses.

I also have a passion for riding and an understanding of the evolution of modern frame angles and suspension set-ups, tip – don’t get me talking about four bar vs vpp vs single-pivot, your ears will fall off.

My first XC race was in ninety-seven and road race in oh-two and, although my racing days have long succumbed to the extra Michelins around my waist, I still ride MTB marathons and sportives, especially those that take place in the Peak District where I live.  

Midtech Cycle Services was formed to not only provide bike repair services to the local community but, to also cater for those who want a Premium service which will improve the performance of their bike by ensuring perfect set-up and an unmatched attention to detail.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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